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One of the most important parts of setting up an e-commerce business is the selection of the courier company. Even if a company offers quality items, it wouldn’t be able to generate leads in case the products are frequently delayed, lost or worse, damaged. This clearly signifies the significance of hiring logistics and courier services for the success of a business. Thus, it is important to do your due diligence while sorting through the best courier companies in Dubai and selecting the most sought-after out of the lot.

An important factor to consider here is the type of services they offer. Different courier companies offer different services that cater to a range of business entities. Let’s have a look at most common types of services courier companies in Dubai offer:

Standard Courier Services

This is the most common type of courier service every company offers. It is suitable for people who do not require their goods urgently or have budget constraints. It is usually the most inexpensive of all options courier companies give to their clients.

Estimated time for the parcel delivery is provided to the clients. Furthermore, courier tracking services are also included in the standard delivery option. It allows buyers to track the order in a real-time manner.

International Courier Services

As the name suggests, international courier services extend beyond geographical boundaries of a country. This has allowed local entrepreneurs to spread their services to other regions as well. Any person, regardless of their nationality, can sell products globally. In today’s times, there are numerous platforms that facilitate local businessmen and with the help of international courier services, they can sell products in any part of the world, without any hassle.

Express or Same Day Courier Services

The anticipation to get the products you have ordered delivered at your doorsteps at the earliest is always there. Thus, a lot of people opt for express courier services when placing their order. In this particular type of service, parcels are dispatched the same day. In case of local shipment, the recipient gets the parcel within 24 hours. However, if it is an inter-city or international order, it can take a few days for the parcel to be delivered. Needless to say, the time, in the case of inter-city delivery, is less as compared to international delivery.

Packaging Services

Some courier companies, in addition to delivery, also offer packaging services. This is usually suitable for companies that get bulk orders. They can rely on such services and save themselves from the hassles of packing each and every product and making arrangements for delivery.

Fulfillment Solutions

Lastly, some companies offer complete fulfillment solutions. From storage to package protection, they include every part of logistics in their services, relieving their clients from such work so that they can focus solely on building a customer base and arranging quality products for them. Fulfillment companies also take orders on behalf of their clients and process them.

Generally, fulfillment warehouse services come with the temperature-controlled facility. So, there is no risk of certain products such as groceries or cosmetics getting spoiled. Latest facilities are controlled by AI Operated AGV Robots. This further enhances their efficiency as the whole record is maintained automatically.

This type of services is more suitable for businesses that require a single solution for managing warehousing, storage and delivery. Some fulfillment companies also offer same day and next day delivery services.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, when it comes to operating an ecommerce business, never settle for anything less than the best delivery and fulfillment services. Select a company that offers the most technologically advanced services. Another thing you shouldn’t compromise on, while selecting them is their speed. Ensure the company you have selected offer same-day delivery along with other options such as standard and international.

You can either go through an extensive process to find a courier company in Dubai that offers the best services or simply rely on IQ Fulfillment. With an accuracy rate of 99.99%, we process more than 12,000 orders per day and guarantee exceptional results for our clients.

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