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Everyone wants to know how to make their online store generate more sales. Even though they try to ensure top-notch e-commerce delivery services and spend a substantial time marketing their product, they don’t get where they want to reach. That’s where a couple of things come into play that most marketers don’t understand unless they’re in the field for a couple of years. So, let’s take a look at the secrets you need to know in order to run a successful e-commerce business.

Selecting a Product:

First off, start small. People think that since adding products on your store is easy, they should start the next Amazon or Ali Baba service. Sure, you might be able to get vendors for everything and all the products you choose might have potential value for customers as well. However, you can’t guarantee the marketing, delivery services and customer satisfaction for all those products. Therefore, it’s imperative that you start small and work your way to a bigger store with more inventory.

Try selecting a product that doesn’t present too many difficulties. If you’re set on trying out multiple products, at least stick to a specific niche. You need to consider the market and the marketing costs that you’ll accrue for each product you advertise and promote. Not to mention the fact that you can’t get a lot of credibility as a store for different niches of product.

Ensuring Fulfillment:

Once you’ve selected the niche and market, such as the Middle East, you need to get the basics down. One of the most important things any online store needs is proper fulfillment services in Dubai. This will ensure that you can provide same-day delivery all over the emirate and guarantee consumer satisfaction. It’s important that your products are moving through the globe without delay. Overseeing everything is impossible, especially when it comes to large shipments and maintaining warehouses.

One way to go about this is to hire fulfillment service providers that promise smart warehousing. Not only will this help in reducing the workload from your shoulders, but hiring a third-party company will also get the work done more efficiently. That is because some of the more famous fulfillment service providers offer robotic fulfillment that improves the whole process of managing and shipping products exponentially.


Everyone who runs an e-commerce store knows you can’t get anywhere without marketing your products. This is another step at which you’ll regret choosing a lot of niches that each have different target audiences. An example of this can be of choosing cosmetics and musical instruments. Both of these are diverse categories of niches and you can be sure that you can’t market both of them to the same audience. However, if you choose cosmetics with lingerie, you might be able to target most of the female population in any given country.

Another thing you need to make sure is that you select the best platform to market your products. Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more are effective in reaching out to vast audiences. However, depending upon your niche and the clientele you’re trying to reach, you need to make sure that you’re targeting the right platform.

Following the same example of the lingerie and cosmetic niches, you can choose Pinterest as your main platform for advertising. This is because more than 80% of the user traffic of the website are females from all over the world.

Ensure Customer Satisfaction:

People who start online stores don’t think about the product from the consumer’s perspective. This is the key difference between successful and failing stores. You need to be certain that your customer will absolutely love the things you have to offer. This is done by guaranteeing that the products are functional and promise quality. The last thing you want is returning products because this will cost you a lot in terms of shipping and redeliveries.

Even if you offer same-day delivery, unless your product is exactly what the customer wants, you’re not getting positive reviews. Make sure that the packaging and the branding on the product along with the quality of the product is at its finest.

Running an e-commerce business might seem like a side-gig but it’s a full-time job that requires your utmost attention. Following all of the above and growing with your market will inevitably ensure that your business will be a successful one.

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