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It’s no secret that e-commerce industry is thriving, not only in Dubai but in almost every part of the world. From electronics, apparels, accessories to other daily-use items, everything is now available online. The trend of online shopping isn’t going to end anytime soon. So, if you have been planning to set up your own e-commerce store, now is the right time for it.

Of course, starting an e-commerce business is not an easy feat. You will have to face a lot of challenges and difficulties when venturing into entrepreneurship. However, this doesn’t mean you should quit the idea of becoming an entrepreneur. You need to stay dedicated, motivated and focused if you want to successfully establish an e-commerce business in Dubai.

Most people believe that if you have identified the products you want to offer and selected the brand name, you are good to go. In reality, you’re just halfway there. From getting delivery services in Dubai to warehousing and hiring staff, a lot more needs to be done to set up an e-commerce business and ensure its seamless operation.

Take a look at some of the essentials for setting up your e-commerce business:


Planning is a crucial part of every business, be it e-commerce or any other industry. Without a proper and comprehensive plan, you are bound to fail. So, do ample brainstorming and come up with a full-fledged plan. It should have clearly defined goals and focus on ways you can overcome challenges and difficulties that may arise during the business set up process. Such a plan will create a roadmap for you to follow.

Also, you should have a backup plan that you can hop on if the primary one fails. The backup plan i.e. plan ‘B’ must also be created after thorough deliberation and consideration.

Target Marketing

The fact that no business, in today’s time and age, can survive without marketing its products. Marketing the right way allows it to spread its name and create a solid customer base. So, leave no stones unturned when it comes to marketing.

For this, identify your target audience and then create a marketing plan. Use different channels for this purpose. Also, highlight the core features, that set you apart from your competitors, when marketing your business. Since there are abundant companies that offer the same products as your business, you need to stand out from the rest. And for this, target marketing can help you.

Delivery Services

There are two options when it comes to delivering the products you sell. First one is to hire staff and give them the responsibility to deliver products to your customers. This option is more feasible if you cater to a single location only.

The other option, and the more effective one, is to hire delivery services in Dubai. This way, you will free from the stress of making sure that the products have reached your customer on time as the courier company will take care of this matter. From collecting products from your office to ensuring they have reached safely to your customers, they will be responsible for everything. Thus, you will be able to focus on more pressing matters such as growing or expanding your business.

Fulfillment Services

Fulfillment services go one step ahead than delivery services. More suitable for mid and large size e-commerce stores, they take care of each and everything from warehousing to order processing and delivery. Moreover, a proper record of your inventory is maintained. You can easily find a company that offers services for e-commerce fulfillment in UAE. However, make sure to select the best out of the lot, particularly that offers robotic fulfillment services if you want the best results.

A Strong Online Presence

Last, but certainly not the least, you need to create a strong online presence. Without this, it will be tough for you to gain the trust of your customers. Surely, creating an online presence takes time. However, all the effort, time and energy you are going to spend on creating a digital presence of your business, it will be worth the results.

For this, have a fully-optimized website with an appealing design. Make your business profiles on every social media platform. Create promotional posts with engaging content. Share information posts on these profiles. You can also these platforms for providing customer support services.

In a nutshell, the success of your e-commerce store depends on how well you manage it. Of course, the quality of products you offer matters but so does the way you operate your business. Also, the services you are hiring for delivery and robotic fulfillment play a significant role in making your business a success. So, choose wisely!

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