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Shopping trips were quite the thing back in the day. We used to plan it beforehand and thoroughly enjoyed the idea of roaming the malls and markets. Not that that is not being done anymore. The pandemic changed many things. The growing trend of online shopping has jumped during the past few months. Pandemic or not, online shopping allows many to save their time and order whatever they need from their couch.

Since online shopping flourished, the packaging, arranging, courier services, and other fulfillment solutions have designed delivery options to facilitate the customer in the best way possible. Two of the most popular options are same-day delivery and next day delivery. There is a fast-growing trend for both. Both e-commerce sellers and traditional retailers have followed suit and started to offer two kinds of delivery services so businesses can reap all the positive benefits of fulfilling the expectations of the customers.

Before dwelling more into the details of these two delivery types, let’s first get to know the answer of an important question.

Does Delivery Options Impact Business?

Yes, significantly. Customers want to get their ordered products as soon as possible. 15% of global retailers have embraced the same-day delivery option to meet customer expectations. The pace at which technology is advancing and delivery services are becoming more efficient, one can expect this number to grow substantially in the future.

However, convenience comes at a price. When online business customers want to get an early delivery of their parcel, it calls for a higher demand for finances, staff, and resources. This is the main reason behind the addition of delivery charges at the end of the final checkout page. A survey found that 60% of consumers are willing to pay for additional charges if this means that they are going to receive their orders fast.

To help you make an informed decision and determine which of the delivery suits you better, let’s down weigh down both:

Same Day Delivery

Courier companies offer same-day delivery services that deliver the goods within 120 minutes or two hours after the touchdown of the plane if they are being shipped through that. Same day delivery services happen to be the fastest courier services for goods that need to be delivered fast to the customers such as legal documents or perishable goods.

Many courier companies make sure that collection happens as soon as the parcel leaves their office so it arrives swiftly. Different companies have a different cost for same-day deliveries. You need to inquire about it when you request the service from them.

Next Day Delivery

As the name clarifies, next day delivery is when the customer gets their parcel the day after their order. This type of delivery is also known as 24-hour or overnight delivery. It is a kind of service that is suitable for those who want their package to arrive on a particular day. Compared to the 2-5 days shipping option, next-day delivery is a lot more efficient. It is always going to be the less expensive option when compared to the same day.

Like same-day deliveries, the cost of next-day deliveries varies as well. However, sometimes it gets a bit more expensive than a regular delivery option. The reason is that it may seem like an urgent delivery and is treated as such as well.

Same-Day or Next Day – Which one to Choose?

Having gone through both same day and next day delivery options, you may be thinking about which option to go with. This depends on the kind of business you run and the kind of products/services you sell. For example, if you have a food or flower business, the same-day delivery option can be great for making urgent deliveries. Same Day deliveries ensure that your parcel arrives on time without any delays.

As far as next-day delivery is concerned, it is great for a retail business that wants to gain 100% customer satisfaction by sending their deliveries the next day. It also ensures that any important paperwork or documents do not get delayed before signing. Those with urgent deliveries to be made can benefit from next day deliveries.

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