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As businesses thrive on positive brand-customer relations, every entrepreneur aims to develop a good relationship with its customers.

On one hand, the internet has allowed people with a lot of conveniences vis-a-vis setting up their online business . However, on the other hand,  it has also become a playground for frauds and scams.

This is why businesses have to establish themselves as a trustworthy platform to be able to gain trust of its customers and generate leads. And for this, they can invest in loyalty programs, discounts, and excellent customer care to come off as reliable and credible to the public.

Same Day Delivery

One of the key things that helps online businesses grab the public’s attention is same-day delivery. It has proven to be a very lucrative strategy that leads to an increase in revenue and retain loyal customers. This delivery option sends the parcels to the consumers the same day they have placed their orders. Big names such as Amazon and FedEx also realize that customers would want to have their ordered goods with them as soon as possible.

Statistics show that 88% of consumers are willing to pay extra to get their products the same day or inquire about faster shipping options, a survey found. This clearly shows that same day delivery is vital for an online business to succeed, apart from quality products and/or services, of course.

Gen Z is all about instant gratification. The people belonging to this generation are not particularly the ones to wait. Also, the present times are all about speed and efficiency. So, once the order has been placed, they want to be updated with the status of the shipment.

Small Businesses and Same-Day Deliveries

Along with the big fish of retail, small business owners have also joined the bandwagon. They are also making efforts to grab long-term customers by offering same-day delivery options. It can, in fact, truly make you stand out from the rest of the pack. Moreover, the businesses that have already adopted this into their operations are already experiencing an increase in the conversion rates and a decrease in returns.

If you are an SME owner, here is why you should take the same path too:

Competitive Edge

When a customer is looking for an item urgently, that both you and your competitor has, they are going to choose the one that they can get fast. There could be many reasons for this urgency. So, having a same-day delivery option should be one of your delivery options. Doing so wouldn’t only give you a competitive edge, but you can place yourself next to brick and mortar stores as well.

The reason why some retailers are still in business is because they know that there always will be people who need something at the last minute.

Fewer Costs

Numerous companies offer same-day delivery to customers. For that, they have their private vans or bikes to ensure that customers can timely get their parcels on the same day. If you have ordered from the same city, this can be a good idea. For deliveries to another city, you would see that it is increasing in costs. In that case, you can hire a third-party delivery service for it.

Many deliveries and fulfillment solutions are offering trained and timely delivery services that your employees may not be able to deliver due to limited sources. Maximizing revenue and minimizing expenses is the simple formula for maximizing profits. Hiring delivery services could serve your business’ financial situation well.

Boost Conversion Rates

At times, while online shopping, the estimated delivery date often puts us off. If you are not delivering something on an urgent basis, the customer can find someone else to deliver them what they need. With a faster, delivery option, of course. Add in the same-day delivery option and see those conversion rates jump!

Build a Loyal Customer Base

Did you know that it is more expensive to get a new customer than to retain them? By offering perks such as same-day delivery, you can keep your customers from going anywhere else. They would know that if they need something fast, they can rely on your delivery.

Customer Covers the Cost

Urgent or same-day deliveries cost a bit more. However, you don’t need to worry as you can recover some of it by charging the customer with same-day delivery costs.

Unique Selling Point

Businesses can enjoy a unique selling point (USP) with same-day deliveries that you can use in promoting your brand/business. It can make you stand out from the rest.

If you already have the option of next day delivery, there isn’t a lot that you have to do for same-day deliveries. You can get your company account set up with IQ Fulfillment, a leading fulfillment center in Dubai, and enjoy efficient shipping and other fulfillment services.

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