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Dropshipping is becoming a popular business. So much so that It is expected to be the next big thing in the entrepreneurship industry.

When you are into the dropshipping business, you own a virtual store. Simply put, all the matters take place on the internet. You sell everything online and organize the delivery as well. The customers take a look at your products. When they have finalized something and placed an order, you will not be sending the goods to them.

In a dropshipping business, you are the retailer, but the products are going to be shipped by the manufacturer/wholesaler. However, this does not mean that you have no responsibility. Apart from taking care of all the marketing and promotion, you have to ensure that all of the operations are carried out efficiently, along with order delivery. Sure, you are not making the delivery, but you should stay up to date as to the status of deliveries. Moreover, even though you are not directly dealing with the parcel deliveries, as a retailer, it is your responsibility to find a reliable and reputable courier service for the business.

Understanding the Significance of Courier Service in Dropshipping

Deliveries are an important aspect of any online business. The same goes for dropshipping. Online shopping has been here for quite some time now; it is no more something that is considered out of the ordinary. And since the pandemic, shopping online has become the norm. Thousands of online stores are working out there, leading to cut-throat competition.

Survival is not an easy feat. To ensure the success of your business, you must be ready to take the plunge and give your best to stay afloat, keep the customers satisfied, and see that they get their products on time.

If the courier service makes a mistake, the buyers would blame you as it is your responsibility to get the customers’ orders to them.

The solution to all this?

A good courier company. Here is how you can determine that a courier company is good. Go through these factors that you need to take into account.

Delivery Time

When you shop online, you would want to get it as soon as possible. But with deliveries from another city or country, it is going to take some time. Some customers are not willing to wait for that long. While some are ready to wait only if they get their orders at the said time. Not getting the parcel on time could be a deal-breaker for them. They would tell others the same that could lead to a negative image. It usually takes 3-4 weeks for international shipping. In case of any delays, a trustworthy courier company is going to respond to you on time and update with the shipment status.


If an item is being shipped from another part of the world, the wholesaler wouldn’t want to take any risk. That’s why they take advance payments. So, it would be either you or the customer who has to pay for it. In that case, if the package is not received that is both a waste of time and money. Finding a reliable courier company, even if it means that you have to pay more, can reduce such risks significantly. They track the parcel and update accordingly.


The shipping cost sometimes can be another deal-breaker for the customers. You may let them decide on the shipping method. But then again, this could increase the chances of parcels not arriving on time or not arriving altogether. Or, you could pick the best way of shipping, which is going to cost you a bit more than usual. An increase in costs could make the customer drop their order. If you decide to cover the shipping yourself, it will reduce your profits.

The key is finding a middle ground based on the distance between the wholesaler and the customers, the value of the items, and other factors.

Summing up, you have to pay attention to numerous things as they can affect your dropshipping business. An unreliable shipping company could lead you to lose customers. Are you willing to give up some of your profit to make sure that the customer gets his parcel in perfect condition? This is something you need to decide. Dubai is called the shopper’s heaven and rightly so, if you have a dropshipping business, make sure you get the best eCommerce delivery service in Dubai for your business.

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