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Small to medium-sized businesses that deal in products often require sufficient storage to store their inventories. If you are running such a business, you have two options at their disposal. Either you can try to get a warehouse of their own and hire the personnel and equipment required to manage it. Or you can outsource the fulfilment services to a third party. If you’re lucky enough to be outsourcing it in Dubai, IQ fulfilment has got you covered. Using robotic fulfilment services, we offer advanced warehousing and delivery solutions to businesses dealing with diverse products.

For the uninitiated, fulfilment services are mainly provided by companies that have a warehouse and can manage your inventory for you. Moreover, they can also provide delivery services and take your products directly to your customers for you. Bear in mind that they’ll charge you for managing your products for the delivery costs that they’ll be accruing. This is just one of the many innovative technological advancements that companies are now incorporating into their everyday tasks.

It is generally perceived that fulfilment services are only suitable for e-commerce websites and businesses. However, that’s not all they’re good for.

Here’s a list of the types of businesses that can require fulfilment services:

Those Who Deal with Fragile Products

It’s pretty clear that businesses that deal in products made from glass or delicacies such as porcelain dishes, etc. require fulfilment services. It’s very difficult to have a setup that can support such a sensitive scenario. You need to guarantee that your products are going to arrive at your warehouse safely. Moreover, while managing and storing the inventory, you need to ensure that there is no damage inflicted on the products. Lastly, it is important to take care of the fact that these products are delivered safely to the customers in an efficient manner.

All of these things are impossible to handle for a business whose core focus is on marketing and dealing with clientele. Suffice it to say, any growing business needs to be cut some slack to be allowed the opportunity to focus on customer outreach. That is exactly where if you hire a third party, every fulfilment order will be taken care of without you lifting a single finger. You’ll just have to give them the address and choose the product for delivery.

Hazardous Materials

Some businesses that require shipping of hazardous materials or products that have harmful ingredients require professional fulfilment services. Not only do you require reliable and credible transportation but you also need these materials to be stored in the perfect space. They might require certain environmental conditions to be fulfilled. Thus, hiring a third-party fulfilment service will benefit these businesses.

Alternatively, if they go for a warehouse of their own, they can have a sea of troubles waiting for them. Some of the major issues that they’ll have to tackle can include health inspections and the hiring of expert and skilled personnel. They’ll need the skilled personnel to monitor and store the product or materials and the health inspections can be difficult to cope with. They’ll have to follow specific guidelines and waste time getting approvals for storing a little bit of product in your warehouse. Whereas, fulfilment companies that already have all sorts of approval and personnel to handle such scenarios can manage your inventory easily.

Businesses That Deal in Large Products

Not all products are as easy to handle as other light-weight and portable inventories. Some businesses often have to deal with large products such as ready-made closets, huge photo frames or paintings, sculptures, furniture, etc. This is another type of business that will require professional fulfilment service in order to meet deadlines and run their business successfully.

You can’t just trust anyone with your precious cargo. It’s one thing to have someone who stands accountable for your loss. It’s totally another thing to have something precious delivered to you in pieces. Nobody wants to open a container and find their ice sculpture melted over the floor. Similarly, you’ll be devastated to find out that due to a minor inconvenience, the driver accidentally slammed the brakes too hard and damaged the high-priced décor inside. Why not have someone to do it for you?

As stated above, fulfilment companies that specialize in warehouse management and deliveries can take care of all your troubles. They’ll arrange for compatible transport units and in-house specifications that are required to handle large products. Suffice it to say, you can rest easy knowing that you only have to find the people that are interested in buying your product.


Although these are some of the conditions that will require a business to go for fulfilment companies, other companies can go for them too. Fulfilment companies ensure perfect storage, reception and delivery for all sorts of products. So, make sure that you hire the best fulfilment service from IQ Fulfilment for your business in order to ensure a good business venture.

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