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MENA region's first robotic fulfillment centre opens in Dubai
2019-10-14 00:00:00

IQ Fulfillment, billed as the Middle East and North Africa region’s first robotic fulfillment centre, has opened in Dubai. Launched by IQ Holding, the centre provides full back-end services using the latest in robotics, AI and software platforms to support the supply chain and logistics industry. IQ Fulfillment will leverage the latest in technology and robotics to integrate with clients’ online platforms, and offer fulfillment, storage, package protection and other services. Fadi Amoudi, founder & chief executive officer of IQ Fulfillment, said: “IQ Fulfillment fills a distinctive niche in the region, especially with the focus of the MENA region to build its e-commerce ecosystem. Today, the UAE is at the forefront in driving digital technologies and in supporting SMEs to achieve transformational growth. This presents a strong growth environment for innovative tech-companies such as ours.” IQ Fulfillment hopes to address logistical challenges experienced by SMEs such as large number of orders during seasonal peaks, which can lead to bottlenecks during that period.  The robotic technologies used at the centre can process 12,000 robotic orders daily, delivering a 99.9% accuracy rate, and 3 times the human output and the same technology is used by the largest international companies, such as Ali Baba. The company says. Essentially, SMEs only need to build an app or website based on their business model, and IQ Fulfillment, will support them with warehousing, order processing and delivery by taking over their logistical functions.