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In response to the growing demand in the fulfilment indusry, the MENA region’s first robotic fulfilment centre, IQ Fulfillment, was launched in Dubai in 2019 to support the needs of SMEs, incubators, accelerators, and e-commerce players, enabling them to accelerate their business growth. The company is filling a distinct gap in the logistics industry by offering e-commerce businesses the edge they need to compete in a fast-evolving industry. By bringing together cutting-edge technology and industry experts from all over the world, IQ Fulfillment’s advanced intelligent robotic solutions and cutting-edge software platform ensure the most efficient and innovative revolutionary solutions for a business.


Fadi Amoudi

E-commerce is one of the fastest growing sectors worldwide, and the MENA region is fast catching up with global trends. My desire to move to Dubai with my family in 2018, initiated my journey of exploring the e-commerce industry in the region. With a background in the FMCG sector and my passion for technology and robotics, my initial idea was to establish an e-grocery platform. However, after realising the challenges and problems in the fulfilment and logistics industry, I decided to offer other businesses the solutions, as opposed to acquiring those problems myself, and made a business out of it.

I realised that Dubai is the perfect place to establish a cutting edge, technologically advanced robotic fulfilment center, that could easily cope with the growing demands of e-commerce businesses, and that could place Dubai on the world stage of AI and robotics solutions, to become the hub of a worldwide network of fulfilment for the region.


To reinvent an experience that defines efficiency.


To provide effective logistical solutions globally.

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