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The obvious choice

IQ Fulfillment was founded in Dubai in 2018 to fill a distinct gap in the logistics industry that could offer e-commerce businesses the edge they need to compete in a fast-evolving industry. We bring together cutting-edge technology, industry experts from all over the world and passion that combined, will offer the best facilities and service in fulfillment.

To eliminate the gap between businesses and customers through strategically placed fulfilment centers under an intelligent unified platform.


Intelligent Peak Solutions

The intricate and complex process of fulfillment is a burden on any business

This is especially true for e-commerce businesses who are in a hyper competitive market where any edge counts. We believe in technology as the edge.

Our advanced intelligent robotic solutions and cutting-edge software platform ensure the most efficient and innovative revolutionary solutions for your business.

IQ Fulfillment integrates seamlessly within your operations, taking the burden of fulfillment off your business and freeing up your resources to grow your brand.