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IQ Robotics announces strategic partnership with Chinese firm LiBiao Robotics to strengthen digital transformation efforts in MENA

IQ Robotics, an AI-driven, fully robotic business that’s spearheading the digital transformation of the logistics sector, has partnered with Chinese technology company, LiBiao Robotics to together strengthen the digital transformation efforts in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The association was announced during a virtual event with Fadi Amoudi, CEO of IQ Robotics, and Xia Huiling, CEO of LiBiao Robotics.
It is notable that the robotics industry in the region has been making important advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, to prepare the economy for the contact-less future. The new partnership seeks to further propel these efforts by facilitating and ideating advanced technological solutions to pace up the digital transformation journey.
Fadi Amoudi, CEO of IQ Robotics, said: “Digital transformation has taken precedence ever since the pandemic started. The region has already been putting in some notable efforts to become future-ready in terms of latest technology and innovations and our partnership with LiBiao Robotics, will strengthen these efforts further, putting technology at the forefront and consolidating the efforts of the regional governments and organizations towards a stronger and more advanced future.”
Xia Huiling, CEO of LiBiao Robotics, said, “The MENA region is a very important market globally as it connects Asia and Europe. It’s well-known that the MENA e-commerce market is growing rapidly and has accelerated even more during the global pandemic. We believe that it will keep growing for the coming decade and this opens a huge scope for automatic applications with robots. IQ Robotics is a leading robotic company in this region and a pioneer in MENA which makes it a win-win scenario as we will now work closely for shared success in the regional market. We are looking forward to shape the future together with IQ Robotics.”
IQ Robotics is offering automated solutions powered by robotics and AI to various ventures across the UAE and the region, making it available and accessible for all sorts of ventures. The company has also created a center of excellence out of Dubai, with a team of international and local experts that is directly involved in the customer journey from start to finish.

About IQ Robotics:
IQ Robotics was launched in Dubai in September 2019 as part of IQ Holding, a technology holding group that is specialised in the supply chain and logistic sector. It provides full back-end solutions using the latest in robotics, AI, and software platforms to support supply chain and logistics as well as offers solutions that cover robotics, warehouse automation, software solutions, package protection, labelling solutions, and other related services.
IQ Robotics is a provider of tailor-made technology turnkey solutions that seek to promote the automation of all processes, bringing significant benefits to B2B customers. The company believes in making this technology available and accessible by redefining boundaries in the supply chain and logistics industry to offer fully automated solutions powered by robotics and AI to change the fabric of the industry.