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IQ Fulfillment Wins the 2020 Startup Award

IQ Fulfillment, the first robotic logistics center in the Middle East and North Africa, was able to win the Startup of the Year award during the first year of launching its operations, during the Gulf Capital Small and Medium Enterprises Awards 2020, which was organized in  Zeta Lounge The Address Downtown Hotel, Dubai.

IQ Fulfillment is keen to employ technology at the heart of its operations, and the award reflects its continuous willingness to provide pioneering and comprehensive solutions within an ecosystem that helps SMEs and e-commerce companies launch their operations towards broader horizons, ensuring that they achieve continuous growth, in addition to expanding Its business scope smoothly and smoothly.

Fadi Al-Amoudi, CEO, said: This prestigious award confirms our commitment to our customers and the future of the e-commerce industry in general. Moreover, we were honored at this prominent specialist event just one year after our operations began. We focus our efforts on supporting small and medium-sized companies in the field of e-commerce throughout the region and helping them to work according to the highest international standards, by providing comprehensive final solutions for all their logistical requirements. We will continue to provide our advanced services at a global level, and we look forward to contributing to building a bright future full of innovation and progress at the regional and global levels.


IQ Fulfillment recently won the award for the best e-commerce company in the Seamless Middle East Awards 2020. The “Gulf Capital Awards for Small and Medium Enterprises” is a long-term initiative to support, highlight and celebrate this category of companies, especially as they drive commercial growth in the region and contribute to the acceleration of economic activities. By relying on smart solutions and advanced software platforms provided by IQ Completly, it can provide innovative solutions to companies, and help them seamlessly integrate with business processes, which ultimately leads to the elimination of implementation burdens, and the utilization of more resources that they can employ to achieve more growth and development