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IQ Robotics partners with Brands For Less Group

IQ Robotics, an AI-driven, fully robotic business that’s spearheading the digital transformation of the logistics sector, has partnered with Brands For Less Group as part of a multi-million-dirham agreement that would comprise 160 robots with a capacity of processing 150,000 pieces per day. The UAE is pivoting the challenges faced from COVID-19 to further develop and accelerate the pace of digitalisation, with a growing number of organisations in the UAE prioritising digital transformation over the next two years. The robotics industry had always been prepared for the future through an advanced approach that IQ Robotics is proudly supplying the regional logistic sector with, whether for e-commerce, retail, or any business that would benefit from a contactless, robotics facility.

Fadi Amoudi, CEO of IQ Robotics, said: “The UAE Government’s objective to put technology at the forefront of the country’s post-COVID-19 recovery plan is a further consolidation of the wise and futuristic vision of the leadership. Our partnership with Brands for Less comes as part of our roadmap towards a stronger and more advanced emirate. It gives great pleasure to align our mission with national strategies that seek to not only cement Dubai’s global position as one of the smartest cities, but to also invigorate the national market to make the emirate one of the fastest to recover from the pandemic in the world.”

By redefining boundaries in the supply chain and logistics industry to offer fully automated solutions powered by robotics and AI to change the fabric of the industry, IQ Robotics is making this technology available and accessible for all sorts of ventures. The company has also created a center of excellence in Dubai, with a team of international and local experts that is directly involved in the customer journey from start to finish.

Toufic Kreidieh, CEO of BFL Group said: “Our vision has always been to maximize our consumer reach across the world, starting with a growth plan focusing on a natural expansion of our footprint to cover the MENA region, followed by Central and Eastern Europe. By partnering with IQ Robotics,  we are able to leverage faster turnaround times of injecting newness in stock back onto our retail shelves, especially considering that increased volume capability is necessary to ensure we provide this same experience consistently on a larger scale.”

The partnership with Brands For Less was signed on Monday 26 October in the presence of Fadi Amoudi, CEO of IQ Robotics and Toufic Kreidieh, CEO of BFL Group. E-commerce in the region has been annually growing ahead of the global average, and the IQ Group will continuously be spearheading the supply chain industry with the latest technology and expertise available.