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IQ Fulfillment: An e-commerce future in robotics
2019-10-14 00:00:00

As an entrepreneur, Fadi Amoudi, CEO of IQ Fulfillment, was fascinated with the idea of using technology to ease lives and help businesses grow to their full potential. In a world where nothing is untouched by technology, and the endless potential of tech-innovations, like robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, all he wants to do is help businesses leverage for their betterment and advancement by presenting them with a regional first-of-its-kind, revolutionary service. Equipped with ambition and a dream, Fadi established IQ Fulfillment without signing up a single client because he believed in Dubai and the inherent power of e-commerce in the region. [node:story_0] IQ Fulfillment is a fully functional facility that is entirely operated by robotics and artificial intelligence to facilitate transactions; it caters to requests like warehouse storage, order processing, and delivery of a product. Essentially, SMEs only need to build an app or website based on their business model and IQ Fulfillment will handle all their warehousing, order processing, and delivery needs and requirements by taking charge of all the logistical details to the highest levels of efficiency. IQ Fulfillment takes care of everything an enterprise needs to build a thriving e-commerce business, and operating from the UAE is an enabling factor for the company. According to the latest study by Dubai Economy and Visa, the UAE has the most advanced e-commerce market in the MENA region, with e-commerce transactions set to reach over AED 59 billion this year and grow 23 per cent per annum through 2022. Thus, a thriving logistics market in Dubai presents a significant growth opportunity for IQ Fulfillment as it is the only organisation that offers a full range of digital and physical infrastructure — backed by robotics technology — to support the digital ambitions of businesses, both start-ups and established companies. [node:story_1] The company wants to support SMEs not only in terms of competitive pricing but also by offering them cutting-edge technology that is not available anywhere else in the region. E-commerce is divided into two sections: the front end the customer interacts with, represented by a service’s design and interface, and the back end where all the work takes place. IQ Fulfillment works hand in hand with SMEs to build a solid and smooth-flowing back end. What started as a simple curiosity has evolved into a full-fledged robotics and technology solution that aims to integrate seamlessly with clients’ online platforms, delivering storage, package protection, and other services. The company’s facility is based in Dubai Investment Park, and Amoudi is looking forward to granting SMEs as well as e-commerce businesses the opportunity to experience the first robotic fulfilment centre in the region.